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Where Art Meets Luxury: Exploring Nemacolin's Treasures

outdoor sculpture among trees at Nemacolin resort

Set among more than 2,200 lush, wooded acres in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, Nemacolin is a private resort full of real-life magic where you can find world-class art set amidst natural splendor. Amassed over forty years, the multi-million-dollar Hardy Family Art Collection is a living, breathing, dynamic assembly of over 1,000 pieces of artwork. While certain pieces are privately held with the Hardy family, a significant portion of the collection is displayed throughout Nemacolin for guests, members, and associates to enjoy. The result is a luxury art experience like no other, with masterpieces thoughtfully integrated throughout the resort.


Nemacolin’s Art Collection Tours

Dine at one of Nemacolin’s restaurants, linger around a hotel lobby, or take a stroll along the resort’s winding paths, and enjoy a casual study of the many paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts that abound. For a more structured and educational look, embark on one of Nemacolin’s art collection tours

The Grand Lodge Art Tour

Experience The Grand Lodge’s outstanding collection of fine art and sculpture with a 60-minute tour that delves into the stories behind the artwork. Peruse pieces by artists including Fernando Botero, Alexander Calder, Clarice Smith, Giampaolo Seguso, Frederic Remington, Tiffany Studios & CO., Frank Stella, George Hetzel, and more.

Outdoor Sculpture Tour

This private 60-minute driving tour weaves through the lush landscapes of the resort, where art and nature intertwine seamlessly. Encounter 25 of Nemacolin’s 175 most impressive sculptures, carefully placed to complement the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

Falling Rock Art Tour

This complimentary, 30-minute guided tour showcases the striking similarities between Falling Rock, Nemacolin’s most sophisticated hotel, and Fallingwater — visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s most celebrated project. Designed by David Merritt, once a student of Wright’s Taliesin, Falling Rock incorporates geometric patterns, natural stonework, and earth tones that are inspired by and echo Wright’s renowned organic architectural approach.

No matter which art collection tour you choose, you will encounter pieces that charm and astound — from marble sculptures reminiscent of ancient Rome to contemporary art masterpieces that reflect the Hardy family’s eclectic aesthetic.


Resort Highlights

Highlights from the Hardy Family Art Collection on display at Nemacolin:

Jane Avril
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, celebrated as a master of the Post-Impressionist period, is revered for his bold compositions and skewed perspectives that captured and humanized fin-de-siècle Parisian nightlife. Montmartre performer Jane Avril commissioned this print showcasing her signature “cancan” kick to advertise her cabaret show at the Jardin de Paris in 1893. In addition to Jane Avril, The Hardy Family Art Collection has five other original Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs, all of which grace the walls of The Chateau’s show-stopping Lautrec restaurant

Little Bird
Fernando Botero

Say the name Fernando Botero, and an instantly recognizable style comes to mind — one that is voluminous, rotund, and highly imaginative. The Hardy Family Art Collection proudly houses several pieces from the Colombian figurative artist and sculptor, the most iconic of which is the whimsically large Little Bird found outside The Chateau. Keep exploring, and you’ll find another Botero on the patio outside the Grand Ballroom.

Psychogeography 44
Dustin Yellin

American contemporary artist Dustin Yellin is best known for dazzling sculptural designs containing multiple layers of glass, each covered in lush, detailed imagery, often drawn from the natural world. Psychogeography #44 is part of Yellin’s most famous series, Psychogeographies. Each time one views this intriguing work, there are more details to find tracing cultural, industrial, and scientific references through 28 panes of glass layered with a collage of thousands of paper clippings. Step away and you’ll see a human body. Come back close, and — whether front or back — you’ll make another intricate discovery.

La lune et les fesses
Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder’s “mobiles” revolutionized the notion of sculpture as static with their delicately balanced or suspended shapes that moved in response to touch or air currents. Along with the mobile La lune et les Fesses, multiple original gouaches on paper works from the American sculptor are also part of the collection at Nemacolin.

After the Prom
Norman Rockwell

Gracing more than 300 Saturday Evening Post covers, Norman Rockwell’s depictions of mid-20th-century America have become hallmark images of an idealized American identity. After the Prom, Rockwell’s cover painting from May 25, 1957, is a prime example, capturing a moment of youth and innocence in a rapidly changing world.

Wisteria Window Triptych
Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany, one of the most prolific and creative designers of the late 19th century, is recognized as one of the greatest forces of Art Nouveau style. Tiffany’s experiments with stained glass include his now-iconic lamps and stained glass windows and screens, including a commission for the White House. Nemacolin proudly displays numerous Tiffany masterpieces, constituting more than a dozen lamps — including the cherished Wisteria and Dragonfly designs — a stunning skylight in the atrium, and the Wisteria Window Triptych.

Charlie Parker
Edward Dwight, Jr.

Edward “Ed” Joseph Dwight, Jr. is the definition of a modern Renaissance man. He was selected by President John F. Kennedy to become the first African American astronaut candidate, and followed his aeronautical career with a hugely successful, and still ongoing, career as a sculpture artist. Nemacolin is home to twelve Ed Dwight sculptures, including Charlie Parker from Dwight’s Jazz: An American Art Form series in bronze.


Nemacolin’s Art Galleries

For visitors who prefer to wander through Nemacolin’s exceptional array of fine art, sculptures, and collectibles at their leisure, numerous galleries stand as testament to the extensive scope of art appreciation at Nemacolin.

Nemacolin Gallery

Strategically situated near The Patisserie in The Chateau, the Nemacolin Gallery represents the Hardy family’s continued commitment to the fine arts with hand-selected artists showcased each quarter. Weekly fine art tours will be offered throughout each show’s duration, and many of the pieces displayed will be available for purchase.

Laurel Lane Gallery

Conveniently located near the Laurel Lane Shops, the Laurel Lane Gallery offers a showcase of original artwork by contemporary artists. The gallery boasts an eclectic mix of pieces, providing visitors with a diverse viewing experience that spans a wide spectrum of styles and techniques.


Located at one of the highest points at the resort, Reflections offers scenic views and is a collection of contemporary art by artists such as Dustin Yellin, Mia Tarducci, and Danny Perkins. It also serves as a historical tribute space for Nemacolin founder, Joseph A. Hardy III, where one can explore some of the patriarch’s favored pieces and personal items, walk through a timeline of his life, and discover sentimental memorabilia including Franco Harris’s Immaculate Reception football — a gift given to Mr. Hardy on his 100th birthday by his daughter Maggie. 

Pride & Joy Airplane Hangar

The Pride & Joy Airplane Hangar can be found at the end of the resort’s private airstrip and serves as a tribute to the thrill of flight from a bygone era. The Hardy family’s collection of vintage planes includes rare treasures such as the fully restored 1931 PA-8 Pitcairn Super Mailwing once owned by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen.

Woodlands Auto Toy Store

Take a tour through automotive history at the Woodlands Auto Toy Store, whose collection of rare and antique automobiles includes a 1913 Ford Model T Speedster, a 1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II, and a 1995 Bentley Continental Convertible. Of the many vehicles showcased, some are even for sale at the right price.


Plan Your Luxury Art Experience Today

The Nemacolin Art Department is pleased to assist groups or individuals with customized art collection tours to see even more of the Hardy Family Art Collection. Start planning by calling a member of the Nemacolin Art Department at 866.344.6957 or by emailing art.department@nemacolin.com.

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