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abstract painting

Nemacolin Galleries

Feast your eyes. Explore Nemacolin’s outstanding collection of fine art at the galleries: Nemacolin Gallery, Laurel Lane Gallery, and Clublevel Gallery.

Dedicated to showcasing distinctive talent from around the world, each gallery features an annual roster of inimitable artworks for sale—from the traditional to the contemporary and abstract.
  • Currently exhibiting at Nemacolin Gallery: Claire Hardy, Jim Inzero, Pakan Penn, Andrea Lavery, Annie Simcoe, Don Smith, Penny Knobel-Besa, and Janna Arnold

  • Currently exhibiting at Laurel Lane Gallery: Peggi Habets and Don Smith

  • Currently exhibiting at Clublevel Gallery: Claire Hardy

  • Open 24-hours daily

  • Nemacolin and Laurel Lane Gallery available to resort guests and members

  • Clublevel Gallery is open to Clublevel guests by request, or via Curators Art Tour

  • To make an inquiry or to purchase, contact art.department@nemacolin.com