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rock labyrinth in meditation garden


Labyrinths are walking paths that take wanderers on a journey. Enter and walk toward the center and then back, following a path where one can only get lost in their thoughts.

As you walk the labyrinth, consider the three Rs: Release, Receive, and Reflect. Release the thoughts and energy that do not serve you. Receive a connection to a higher being or self, being open to listening to answers. Reflect on the good, on what brings you joy, and on what your journey can be.

The labyrinth at Nemacolin was built in 2022, by Artist in Residence Dorit Brauer. Find more information on labyrinths at
  • Located in the Meditation Garden along Lafayette Boulevard

  • Complimentary use

  • Mulched path outlined by rocks

  • Nearby benches, chapel, and sculptures

  • Feature article here

  • Available to overnight guests and members