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A Sacred Circle: The Labyrinth at Nemacolin

rock labyrinth in meditation garden

Labyrinths are walking paths that take wanderers on a journey. To many, they are sacred circles meant for meditation and reflection. One enters, walks toward the center, and then traverses back, following a route where one can only get lost in their thoughts as they ponder the pathway.

A maze, on the other hand, often contains wayward paths and abrupt turnarounds, creating a sense of confusion or frustration. A labyrinth conjures a chance for contemplation, mediation in one’s mind, and meditation through the meandering.

The labyrinth at Nemacolin is located in the Meditation Garden just beyond The Grand Lodge and nearby the Fallingbrook Mini Golf course. The garden is also home to a small chapel with stained glass windows, artwork, sculptures, deep-toned wind chimes, paved footpaths, benches, gentle breezes, birds, trees, and florals. No matter your faith, religion, journey, or pursuit, it’s a place for inclusive reflection … a place to find your next steps or lose yourself in navigational thought. It’s a place of peace, of listening, of calm, and of opportunity.

The labyrinth at Nemacolin was built in 2022, by Artist in Residence Dorit Brauer. She encourages slowly walking the labyrinth with consideration of the three Rs: Release, Receive, and Reflect.

  • Release the thoughts and energy that do not serve you or your highest good. With every step, exhale your concerns and worries.
  • Receive a connection to a higher being or self, being open to listening to answers. When you arrive at the center, connect and center yourself, being prepared to find your next steps.
  • Reflect on the good, on what brings you joy, and on what your journey can be as you trace your steps out of the labyrinth. This is the time to count your blessings and plant seeds of light in your consciousness.

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