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Fitness Center

However you choose to move, Nemacolin’s Fitness Center has what you need. Fitness Center is ready to deliver, fully-stocked with modern equipment, expert trainers, and spacious studio spaces.
  • Daily 6:30AM-7PM

  • Access is exclusively offered to resort guests and club members.

an action shot of a fitness center. There are treadmills lining the left side of the gym. There is a woman walking on one of the treadmills. There are weight machines on the right side of the room with a man using them
a woman in a black workout tank top and hat is working her way across rungs like monkey bars
a detail shot of the high-end weight machines present at the fitness center
two people is blue workout gear are doing side planks at the edge of a pool
two people in blue workout gear are stretching by the edge of a pool
two people doing yoga positions on a floating raft in the pool
a woman doing yoga by the edge of a pool
a line of people doing a plank with weights in different colors

Our Classes

Our range of group classes are currently being offered as private sessions. Move with us as our skilled trainers help you find your groove.


Private Sessions


Yoga Plus One

Share the session and experience unrivaled serenity for the body and mind, elevated to the power of two.

Paddle Board Yoga

Enjoy a challenging, but playful practice on top of the serene waters of our indoor pool.

Personal Training

Enjoy private sessions of some of our most popular training classes, such as Tabata, Yoga Sculpt, and Boot Camp