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Activities: Wildlife Academy

Wildlife Academy

The Wildlife Academy at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is dedicated to providing interactive entertainment and live animal programs with an emphasis on education. It is also all animal, all the time! Visit the Wildlife Habitats which feature Billy Goat Mountain, Red Sheep, Bears, Bison, Zebra, a Bengal Tiger, Wolves and more! Down the road, Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom offers a nursery of smaller exotic and domestic animals such as a kinkajou, fennec foxes, a two toed sloth, rabbits and reptiles, to name a few of the over 100 species collection.

Backwoods Trail Rides

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom Stables

Tour the scenic beauty of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands the way the first settlers did... on horseback. The Backwoods Trail Ride begins at Nemacolin's Stables, home to 14 horses. Your guide will then lead you throughout two-miles of wooded trails. It's fun for the whole family.

Important Details: All riders must be 55'' or taller and wear appropriate footwear (recommend boots or tennis shoes, no open toe shoes). Trips will run in rain unless there is thunder and / or lightning. Please arrive at least 20-minutes prior to your scheduled ride. Ride lasts approximately 45-minutes.

Enrichment Tours

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom

Make toys, treats and puzzles with a zookeeper to give to some inquisitive animals at the Wild Kingdom. Watch and learn as they play with, and then eat your treat!

Important Details: Animals included are located at the Wild Kingdom. Tour does not include larger animals across property.

Guided Nursery Tours

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom

This educational program includes a guided walking tour of the Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom, as well as the chance to interact with a few of the animals, including our kinkajou, fennec foxes, badger, a porcupine, sloth, alligator, tortoise and the Creepy Crawly Room. Open Nursery is also available and includes self-guided tours of our animals.

Important Details: Please note the species of animals are subject to change.

Jamaican Dog Sledding

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom

It screams Nemacolin summertime and is a fun twist to our winter dog sledding adventure. A wheeled cart or UTV pulled by Nemacolin's very own dog sled team will take you for a thrilling ride throughout the property. The experience lasts approximately 45-minutes and includes a kennel tour and ride.

Important Details: Weather permitting, and subject to availability. Combined weight of riders cannot exceed 275 lbs. Minimum weight is 45 lbs. for children. Please wear appropriate clothing. Ride will run in the rain unless there is thunder and / or lightening.

Louie's African Train Ride

Location: Wildlife Academy Check-In Station

All aboard! Meet your tour guide, our very own Louie the Lion, and head to the animal habitats. Louie's African Train Ride will get you up-close to Nemacolin's wildlife family. You will see bison, hyenas, tigers, lions, red sheep, zebras and more! Guests will stop to feed the sheep and goats at Billy Goat Mountain, and also feed the bears their favorite treat - marshmallows! Enjoy a story and game with Louie along the way. Each educational tour is 1-hour in length.

Important Details: Tours are limited to 18 people. Please note the species of animals are subject to change.

Pony Rides

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom Stables

Pony rides for little ones are a Nemacolin Wild Kingdom favorite and are under the close supervision of our trained associates. Rides are available by appointment only.

Important Details: Riders must be able to hold onto the horse by themselves. Adults are not allowed to walk beside and hold onto children. Riders must wear proper footwear (no open toed shoes).

Safari Tour

Location: Wildlife Academy Check-In Station

Get up close and personal with Nemacolin's animal family. Hop aboard our safari cart for a tour of the wildlife habitats and the opportunity to interact with a few animals at our five feeding stations! This is an interactive experience is unlike anything else. Visit Billy Goat Mountain to feed the sheep and goats, visit our big cats, feed the zebra and buffalo and stop at the bear enclosure, where we hear Rocky and Boo Boo enjoy marshmallows.

Important Details: Maximum 7 riders per trip in the winter and 14 riders per trip in the summer. There is a great deal of walking, please wear comfortable attire and proper footwear.

Wild Animal Show

Location: Lecture Hall, unless noted.

Join our Wildlife Academy team as they lead you on an adventure to explore the wild world of animals. This entertaining and educational experience will showcase reptiles, birds, mammals and much more. The show is led by experienced associates on select holiday and weekend dates.

Wildlife Habitats

Location: See Map.

Wild animals are literally around every corner of the 2,000 acres that make up Nemacolin. Hop in your car, on a bike or walk the trails and visit with animals such as Rocky, Sugar and Boo Boo the bears, Prince the white lion or Keira the bengal tiger. You'll be surprised, we promise.

Winter Dog Sledding

Location: Nemacolin's Wild Kingdom

Dog sledding at Nemacolin is an experience for the entire family. Our exclusive team of sled dogs are jumping at the chance to give everyone an encounter they won't ever forget.

Important Details: Minimum weight for children is 45 lbs. The run will take place regardless of weather, so please dress appropriately.

For more information or to plan your next Nemacolin vacation, please contact a Resort Sales Specialist at 866.344.6957.

*Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's Wildlife Academy is in compliance with USDA Guidelines.


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