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dogs pulling dog sled


Take a tour of the kennel, and ride throughout the property in a sled pulled by Nemacolin's very own sled dog team. This experience lasts approximately one hour total, and it includes a 30-minute kennel tour to meet and interact with these very special dogs.

What about the snow? For the safety of our sled dog team, real-feel temperatures need to be 40*F or less. With at least 8" of snowpack, you'll experience authentic dogsledding on a sled with runners to glide over the crisp, winter white stuff! Without the snow, the experience is just as fun, as our sled dog team pulls a special wheeled sled called a Touri Cart.
  • Hours of Operation

  • $403 per 1-2 guests (includes tax & gratuity)

    $806 per 3-4 guests (includes tax & gratuity)

  • Check in at the Equestrian Center; shuttle service available

  • There is a two person maximum with a combined weight not to exceed 275lbs and minimum weight for a child rider is 45lbs

  • An ATV follows along to allow groups of 3 or 4 to switch out during the course

  • 24-hour advance reservations required

  • Fills quickly; making reservations at the time of your hotel reservation is recommended

  • Weather permitting and subject to availability

  • Available to overnight guests and members