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JULY 27, 2019

Our one-day Meditation Immersion Retreat is designed for busy professionals, caregivers, stay-at-home moms, students and all others who are searching for a greater sense of well-being, mental clarity, and techniques to navigate life challenges. In one day you will learn and master a variety of meditation methods and breathing techniques, how mindfully stretch and detox your body, nourish it with mindful eating and walking under the guidance of wonderfully experienced instructor. 

This retreat is $750 per person and includes all workshops, a light breakfast, refreshments, fresh juice, and lunch. For more information and to make your reservation, please contact the Holistic Healing Center at 724.329.6411.

What your day will look like

We will begin our day with slow, gentle guided Gigong movements and stretching designed to set the stage for a relaxed mind-body integration. Physical exercises ease neuromuscular pain and discomfort and improves posture, strength and mobility. We begin our sessions focused on the body so that we can free our mind of the pain and discomfort that stress and overwork have given us.

Then, we transition into a series of specially designed restorative breathing exercises. Breathing is at the soul of meditation. Proper breathing increases concentration, reduces stress, and allows us to focus with greater clarity.

Savoring our fine teas you will learn about the importance, practical and healthful benefits of a wholesome diet which facilitates a person’s ability to enter a meditative state. After a delicious and healthy breakfast, we will journey into the history and cultural roots behind different meditative techniques. Meditation is an ancient practice that has evolved in many different ways across our all cultures. At the retreat, you will be introduced to the evolutions of these practices so you might find the techniques and approaches that best fit your individual needs.

Before lunch we engage in our first in-depth meditative technique. The evolution of human culture has provided numerous meditative techniques, and our instructor will select one that is appropriate once we come to understand the needs and the meditative skills and interests of the class.

Our midday celebratory lunch will include a guided exploration of mindful eating. Mindful eating not only increases the joy and pleasure of food, but also encourages healthy eating habits that will provide you with the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the pure ecstasy of sustaining goodness.

After lunch, we will practice a mindfulness walking exercise designed to increase our energy for the rest of our workshop and to build on the skills that you have learned through the day. Walking meditation explores the world around us with a unique and fresh perspective that we once enjoyed as children… sights that we have seen but haven’t really looked at in years, scents that surround us that we ignored to our own great loss, sounds that once excited the ears, but that have now become merely unnoticed background.

In the later afternoon we will participate in an exploration of meditative artwork. During this process you will learn how a proper meditative attitude can unlock your creative and productive potential.

We will conclude our day with a group guided meditation with a touch of essential oils and guided imagery for good health, vibrancy, and happiness.

About Lionela

“My deep interest and engagement with meditation began early in my childhood when I sought and found comfort, peace, and nourishment in quiet moments. Later I formally studied the meditation practices of many traditions: Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Sufism. My passion for mindfulness and meditation evolved and matured with time, transforming my beliefs and the way that I live my life today. This transformation was my catalyst in establishing one of the first meditation centers in Southern California. As a certified Wellness and Mindfulness Coach, I embrace the mission to bring awareness about the holistic way of living to all of you. My philosophy and belief is that if you would like to enjoy a deep meditation experience, it is not simply about the credentials of your teacher but about his or her ability to provide you with a rich and beautiful spiritual experience. It is my privilege to guide you and to help you to get where you want be, in silence, in good health, in love, achieving a vibrant body and mind with a well-defined purpose in life.”

You can learn more about Lionela here.

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August 15 - 18, 2019

Gifted yogi, spiritual teacher, author and inspiring medium, Alaine Portner has been making a difference in the lives of thousands across the United States for the past 30 years. She specializes in receiving messages from loved ones or guided spirits and then delivers life-affirming insight and direction. Those who have encountered her style typically feel a sense of euphoria, connection and supportive change in their perception on their personal or professional journey. Alaine’s engaging manner, humor and straight-to-the-heart insight has provided her with a loyal following.

Learn more about Mindful Medium Alaine Portner at and watch her Guidance for Your Inner Path video as an introduction to her work. Alaine's vision is to educate people in discovering their own physical and spiritual growth through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and medium services.

Private, couples and group readings are available and reservations are required for all sessions. For more information and to make your reservations to meet Alaine, please contact the Holistic Healing Center at 724.329.6411.


30-Minute Private Session$160 Per Person
1-Hour Couples Session$280 Per Couple
1.5 to 2-Hour Private Group       $110 Per Person  (3-10 People)

Enjoy 10% off any spa or wellness treatment with any reading booked.

Reading Schedule

Reservations Required.

Thursday, August 15        9 am - 5 pm
Friday, August 169 am - 1 pm
Saturday, August 17             9 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 5 pm
Sunday, August 189 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 5 pm

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    Revana Wine Dinner
    Thu | 08/08/19
    Back to School Bash
    Sun | 08/18/19
    Thu - Sat | 08/22/19 - 08/24/19
    Labor Day Weekend
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 08/30/19 - 09/02/19
    Harvest Dinner
    Sun | 09/29/19
    Brews & Brats Festival
    Sat | 10/05/19
    Thanksgiving Weekend at Nemacolin
    Thu - Sun | 11/28/19 - 12/01/19
    Martin Luther King Weekend
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 01/17/20 - 01/20/20
    Presidents' Day Weekend at Nemacolin
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 02/14/20 - 02/17/20
    Easter Weekend at Nemacolin
    Wed - Sun | 04/08/20 - 04/12/20

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