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Steaks and Sporting Clays Are Back at Dine & Blast

Guns stored at the Range

Shooters of all levels are invited for dinner and an action-packed evening of fun at The Field Club with Dine & Blast. Test your skills with 100 targets. Once you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, join up with fellow participants for a hearty steak dinner to discuss the day’s conquests and misses. This isn’t like the fish that got away (yet, The Field Club team can help you with that, too), but bragging and bravado are encouraged!

What to Expect

We chatted up Dine & Blast with Director of Outdoor Adventures Ty Schaefer — who oversees the happenings at The Nemacolin Field Club — to get his take on what participants can expect from the evening. Here’s what he had to say:

“Registered participants check in inside The Field Club. Then, help yourself to one of the many specially equipped Club Car carts, load your gear, and head out to one of the two courses. One course will be set for novice-to-intermediate-level shooters, and the other will be more difficult for those who are ready for a challenge.

“Participants are welcome to shoot on each course. Once you shoot your 100 rounds, put your guns and supplies back into your vehicle, and drive your Club cart to the pavilion. You’ll turn in your dinner ticket at the pavilion bar, be seated, choose your drink, tell us how you’d like your steak done, and dinner will be served!

“Dinner is a 12oz. New York strip, a salad, potatoes, corn, and a dinner roll. We always follow up dinner with a fantastic dessert. After enjoying your meal, the only thing left to do is to sign up for the next Dine & Blast event!

“Dine & Blast is a relaxed night of food and fun. If you want to join us but your spouse or guest doesn’t want to shoot, give us a call for non-shooter pricing. First-time shooters are welcome, too. If you’re on the fence about attending Dine & Blast, give it a shot … literally! You will have a blast!” Schaefer says.

Once you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, join up with fellow participants for a hearty steak dinner to discuss the day’s conquests and misses.
Members participate in Dine & Blast

Hear from the Participants

While The Nemacolin Times was out on the course at an earlier event in 2022, we had the chance to catch up with Craig and Don, members of The Field Club from Greensburg, who come to shoot two to three times a month. Craig said he looks forward to Dine & Blast events because of “the fun, the sous vide steaks that are finished perfectly on the grill, and the laid-back atmosphere.” He adds, “It’s a real nice place to shoot with real nice people.”

Don, who occasionally serves as a guest trapper with Craig, added, “This is a great experience. We’re treated so well here, and we tell a lot of people about The Field Club. Shooting is also a great family sport. We want to see more people learn, and we’re here to help them, too.”

Bob and Shawn from the Mount Pleasant area were finalizing their registration in the retail pro shop at their first Dine & Blast event and their first time shooting at The Field Club. They let us know they were excited to try something new. “You can’t beat the price for 100 targets and a steak dinner,” said Bob. Shawn added, “It’s something to do on a weeknight that gets us outdoors, and we’ve heard great things about this place.”

New for 2023

What’s new at this year’s Dine & Blast events?

In addition to the eight Dine & Blast events in 2023, non-shooters, significant others, or members of the community are welcome to join the event for an art workshop and instructor-led class during the on-the-course shooting time. Art participants can look forward to the steak dinner, too. The same event pricing applies, and all art materials are provided. There are opportunities to try your artistic eye at watercolors, jewelry making, acrylic painting, and more, and you’ll be able to take your masterpiece home with you after the event. Contact a member of the art team at 724.329.6316 for more information, and view the schedule of events that coincide with the Dine & Blast events here.

And, there’s something else new: Each time you attend a Dine & Blast event in 2023, you’ll receive a ticket that enters you into a raffle for a new shotgun. The drawing will take place at the final Dine & Blast of the season, and you do not need to be present to win. The more times you attend, the better your chances of winning!

Get to Know this Public Facility

No two courses are alike. No two shooting stands are alike, either. The Nemacolin Field Club houses one of the nation’s top sporting clay facilities woven throughout 150 acres, two sporting clay courses, and 35 stations. The most seasoned wing shooter will find delight and adventure, and the novice shooter will find success and opportunity! Professional shooters also make appearances and conduct workshops from time to time.

The Nemacolin Field Club is open to the public, and in addition to sporting clays, it offers shooting instruction, 3D archery, upland bird hunts, guided turkey hunts, air rifle and archery for kids, fly fishing, Orvis-endorsed experiences, and a retail pro shop. The Club offers individual, group, and corporate memberships, providing networking, camaraderie, and skills opportunities to more than 1000 members.

Register for Dine & Blast

To register for a Dine & Blast event, inquire about membership, reserve an experience, or find out more information, contact The Nemacolin Field Club at 724.329.6770.