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The Hardy Family Art Collection

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A walk around Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is quite simply a study in world renowned art. From the walls to the grounds, art of various mediums: paintings, sculptures, furniture, glasswork and historical artifacts are showcased for guest enjoyment. Our founder, Joseph A. Hardy III, has always shown a great appreciation for art and an even greater passion for sharing his personal collection with others.

To book an art class or to tour the collection, please contact a Resort Reservations Specialist at 833.583.8091.

Art Collection Tours

Art Tours

Piece of the Berlin Wall with an American flag banner draped over top.

Consisting of over 1,000 individual pieces, the multi-million dollar Hardy Family Art Collection graces all aspects of the resort. The collection includes artists such as Fernando Botero, Clarice Smith, Giampaolo Seguso, Frederic Remington, Tiffany Studios, Frank Stella, George Hetzell and more.

Tours: Wednesday & Sunday: 3:30 pm 
Wine Tours: Fridays at 5 pm $25 per person

Important Details: Based on resort occupancy. Please ask about private tours that can be arranged.

Audubon Viewings

Guests can view a page from our Audubon collection each day in the Hardy Library. Private viewings of this world-renowned book are available.

Viewing: 24-hours advanced reservations required for this private tour.


Outdoor Sculpture Tour

This 60-minute driving tour in an open-air cart begins at the Chateau Lafayette and highlights 25 of Nemacolin’s top sculptures throughout property, including works by Fernando Botero, William Barrett, Glenna Goodacre, Jim Rennert and others. The tour culminates at Reflection, Nemacolin’s newest space housing dozens of contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Rate: $30 Per Person
Tours: 24-hours advanced reservations required for this private tour.


Indoor Curator's Tour

This in-depth tour begins with a complimentary glass of wine while we share with you the history of the Hardy Family Art Collection. Beginning in the Chateau Lafayette lobby, you will be escorted through the resort to view some of Nemacolin’s hidden art gems.

The Nemacolin Clublevel Gallery, located in the Chateau Lafayette, features select artists from across the nation to showcase their work. View the exhibition, Jim Inzero's Encaustic Landscapes and Florals, by reserving a Curator’s Tour. For more information or to purchase artwork from the Nemacolin Clublevel Gallery, please contact the Amanda Shane at

Jim Inzero

Wax manipulator, Jim Inzero, reflects on his lifelong attraction to the shore and the movement and serenity in his work conveys the gratitude and bounty expressed by the ocean environment.  As well, Inzero is constantly inspired by the connection he feels to the people around him, which allows for a unique opportunity to express energy and emotions in a way that ultimately will always begin and end at the horizon; the horizon in which he feels represents the meeting place for the highs and lows of life.  Jim comes to the ‘canvas’ free of preconceptions and open to possibilities.  

Rate: $30 Per Person
Tours: By reservation only

Important Details: Both specialty tours are typically led by Nemacolin's Art Curator. Reservations are required.

Art Classes

Class: Button & Bead

Create a leather wrap bracelet in the style of Chan Luu in this 90 minute instructor guided workshop. Pick your own style of leather, buttons, and beads, for your own customized bracelet. Includes all necessary materials and a glass of wine. 

Rate:  $60 Per Person
Friday: 1:00 pm
Location: Art Studio (located next to PJ's Ice Cream Parlor)

Important Details: Reservations are required. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Upgraded bracelet items available for purchase. 

Class: Pinot and Paint

Flex creative muscles you never knew existed during this 90-minute, instructor-guided painting event. Have fun, relax, and take home your own positively wonderful acrylic on canvas masterpiece.

Rate: $60 Per Person
Hours: Thursday & Friday: 3:00 pm, Saturday: 1:00 pm
Location: Art Studio (located next to PJ's Ice Cream Parlor)

Important Details: Reservations are required. Shuttle service is available.

Class: Snap! Phone Photography 101

Try this hands-on smartphone photography class geared towards individuals with an interest in exploring smartphone photography as an art form. Zoom in with fun lenses and discover the many editing options available through some of the most advanced photography apps available.

Rate: $60 Per Person
Hours: Saturday: 5 pm - 6 pm
Location: Art Studio (located next to PJ's Ice Cream Parlor)

Important Details: Reservations are required. Guests must bring their own smartphone or tablet with camera and phone or tablet charger. Additional apps may be purchased through app store. Class is recommended for guests ages 10 and older, who already have a smartphone or tablet with camera. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Shuttle service is available.

Class: Seasons in the Studio: Tulle Wreaths

Science theorizes that, decorating early for the holidays makes us happier! Try out this theory in our holiday wreath making class. Enjoy a glass of wine, while crafting your very own seasonal Tulle Wreath. No prior crafting experience necessary. This class does include the use of hot glue.

Rate: $60 Per Person
Hours: Saturdays through January 26: 3:00 pm
Location: Art Studio (located next to PJ's Ice Cream Parlor)

Important Details: Reservations are required. Shuttle service is available.

Open Studio

Open Studio welcomes guests to relax, destress and experiment at their own pace or participate in guided art activities led by Nemacolin’s Art Instructor.
Seasonal Art Project: Essential Oil Bracelets

Rates: 30-Minute: $25 | 60-Minute: $40 | 90-Minute: $60 | 120-Minute: $80 | Seasonal Art Project: $25 
 Friday: 10 am - 12 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9 am - 12 pm
Location: Art Studio (located next to PJ's Ice Cream Parlor)

Important Details: Reservations required. Open to guests of all ages. Shuttle service is available.

Museums & Gallery

Nemacolin Gallery

Hallway of gold framed paintings of landscapes.

It’s no secret that the Hardy family enjoys collecting fine art. Located in the Chateau Lafayette and along the halls of the Chateau Signature boutique, this gallery space is dedicated to showcasing the talents of artists from around the globe and change throughout the year.

Hours: Daily: 24-Hours

Important Details: The gallery is open 24 hours a day for viewing. Purchases can be made through Chateau Signature, or through the Front Desk after hours.

Woodlands Auto Toy Store

Collection of brightly colored vintage cars.

The Woodlands Auto Toy Store features a unique aspect of the Hardy Family Art Collection by displaying a wide variety of rare and antique automobiles. View the Collection >

Hours: Daily: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Important Details: Please contact Security at 724.329.6121 for entry. The Auto Toy Store is located across from the Airplane Hangar and next to the Salvador Dali Art Studio.

Nemacolin Shell Collection

Display of sea shells.

Shorelines around the world are all covered with nature's treasures and now hundreds of these precious shells have been placed on display here at Nemacolin. The sampling of shells in this collection reflects the diversity of mollusks and contains specimens of four classes of mollusks: Gastropods, Bivalves, Scaphopods, and Cephalopods. 

Hours: Daily: 24-Hours

Important Details: Located on the first floor of the Lodge near the Tavern restaurant.

Pride & Joy Airplane Hangar

Green vintage airplane

Located at the end of Nemacolin's airstrip, the Pride and Joy Vintage Airplane Hangar is open for the public and includes a private collection of vintage planes, including a 1931 Pitcarin PA-8. This rare and classic plane, fully restored and airworthy was once in the collection of the late movie star and Hollywood icon Steve McQueen.

Hours: Daily: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Important Details: Please contact Security at 724.329.6121 for entry. The Airplane Museum is located at the end of the airstrip behind the CaddyShack.


Situated at the peak of the resort, Reflection is filled with contemporary artwork and presents scenic views of the property and beyond. Reflection hosts select art classes as well as various wellness classes for the mind, body and spirit.

Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm

View Art Classes >                  View Fitness Classes >


For more information on Nemacolin's art collection and classes, please contact a Resort Reservations Specialist at 833.583.8091.



The Nemacolin Gallery, located in the Chateau Lafayette, features select artists from across the nation to showcase their work. View the current exhibition, Dans le Jardin, through June 30, 2019. 

A stroll through a Spring garden has inspired this new collection of  original   pieces by artists Claire Hardy, Andrea Lavery, and Charity Freeman. Claire, Andrea, and Charity present a creative and fresh compilation of blooms and birds reminiscent of a peaceful afternoon Dans le Jardin. 

For more information or to purchase artwork from the Nemacolin Gallery, please contact the Amanda Shane at

Spring Garden IX
Charity Freeman

Bouquet for You
Claire Hardy

Early Morning Chickadees
Andrea Lavery




Born and raised in a small town in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Charity easily found inspiration all around her; from the wave of field grasses, to the trickle of a stream. Ever expanding into new techniques and mediums, Charity found her true heart in colors.  Her process consists of different densities of acrylic paint placed in layers which causes a fluid, flowing effect.  Viewers are drawn in by the colors and how they move together to create visual movement.  The more you look at the piece, the more you can become engrossed in the blended flow of one color to another.


CLAIRE HARDY | Sewickley, PA

For Claire Hardy, painting goes beyond making a likeness of the subject. It is also about recording the sense of the place, the feel of the atmosphere and the emotion the scene evokes. What's more, the subject may only be a starting point in the process of seeking how to manipulate paint to create a convincing illusion of atmosphere and light. She works directly on the canvas sculpting the paint to uncover the rightness of a composition and a harmony of colors. She is captivated by expressive color, descriptive brushwork, and soft edges. 


As an artist, Andrea considers herself a contemporary impressionist with a touch of whimsy. She loves to portray nature and her surroundings as she sees them, which is sometimes a little twisted. Her intention is not to create a realistic representation of an animal or subject but to create an original piece of art that will bring you joy. For now, most of Andrea’s work is small format, with her focus on color and the textures created by the brushstrokes. 


For more information or to purchase artwork from the Nemacolin Gallery, please contact the Amanda Shane at



    4th of July at Nemacolin
    Thu - Sun | 07/04/19 - 07/07/19
    PXG Demo Day
    Fri | 07/05/19
    Americana Extravaganza!
    Sat | 07/06/19
    Golf Demo Day
    Sat | 07/13/19
    Labor Day Weekend
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 08/30/19 - 09/02/19
    Harvest Dinner
    Sun | 09/29/19
    Brews & Brats Festival
    Sat | 10/05/19
    Thanksgiving Weekend at Nemacolin
    Thu - Sun | 11/28/19 - 12/01/19
    Martin Luther King Weekend
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 01/17/20 - 01/20/20
    Presidents' Day Weekend at Nemacolin
    Mon, Fri - Sun | 02/14/20 - 02/17/20
    Easter Weekend at Nemacolin
    Wed - Sun | 04/08/20 - 04/12/20

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