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Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes

    The Holistic Healing Center offers a variety of Holistic Pathways focused around fitness, health, and well-being. Each class will be held at the Holistic Healing Center, located at Nemacolin's Horizon Point. For more information, please contact the Holistic Healing Center at 724.329.6411.

    • Interactive Wellness Classes

      Join Dee Reddick, Health and Lifestyle Specialist, and Kerissa Kuis, Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Practitioner, at the Holistic Healing Center for inspiring seminars aimed to guide you in the journey to a healthier, happier self. Dee welcomes you to educate and encourage healthy weight-loss and well-being; Kerissa offers knowledge-based seminars on self-empowerment and healthy habits.

      • Amenity

        Date & Tme

      • Skill Power vs Will Power

        Class cancelled November 15 & 29, 2014.
        Saturdays:  10:00 am

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        Join our Health & Lifestyle Specialist, Dee Reddick, and discuss building a skill base that will assist you in making healthy choices. Fine tune your will power into skill power.

      • Cornerstone Concepts

        Thursday, October 30:  5:30 pm

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        Say YES to yourself and gather with our Health & Lifestyle Specialist, Dee Reddick, to enjoy topics ranging from meal planning to making changes and taking chances in a friendly, open environment.

      • Intro to EFT

        Friday, October 31:  4:00 pm

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        Kerissa Kuis, our Holistic Health Coach, will introduce you to Emotional Freedome Technique (EFT), a self-acupuncture "tapping" approach that utilizes energy pathways throughout the body.

      • Manifesting Miracles

        Friday, November 7:  4:00 pm

        Rate:  $10 Per Person
        Do you want to connect with your purpose and live the life you love? During this workshop, you will learn 10 steps to manifesting miracles.

      • Intro to EFT

        Friday, November 14:  4:00 pm

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        Kerissa Kuis, our Holistic Health Coach, will introduce you to Emotional Freedome Technique (EFT), a self-acupuncture "tapping" approach that utilizes energy pathways throughout the body.

      • Gratitude Workshop

        Friday, November 28:  4:00 pm

        Rate:  $10 Per Person
        When you are grateful for what you have, you get more of what you want. In addition, gratitude exercises have been proven to help lower stress and improve memory. This practical interactive workshop will teach you meditations and exercises you can do daily to increase your attitude of gratitude.

    • Mind & Body Classes

      Join us for relaxing exercise classes to brighten your mood and strengthen your body and mind. Classes may be held outside, weather permitting. Please dress appropriately.

      • Amenity

        Date & Tme

      • Seated Guided Healing Meditation

        Saturdays: 8:10 am

        Rate:  $10 Per Person | 50-Minute Class
        Please arrive at 8:00 am to prepare for meditation. A peaceful yet energizing start to your day.

      • Tai Chi

        Class cancelled Saturday, November 29.
        Saturdays:  9:00 am

        Rate:  $10 Per Person | 1-Hour Class
        A beneficial low-impact, slow pace exercise.

      • 5 Tibetan Exercises

        Sundays: 8:30 am

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        Looking for a simple take home routine to improve your health and daily living? Experience and learn the secrets of this ancient yoga like exercise aimed to increase your well-being and promote longevity.

      • Group Acupuncture Session

        Sundays: 10:00 am

        Rate: $10 Per Person
        A wonderful way to learn about acupuncture and become introduced to the power of acupuncture needles, group acupuncture - as the name suggests - allows a communal spirit to permeate the acupuncture session. Group acupuncture can be used to address specific ailments like physical pain or simply to induce relaxation, reduce stress or improve energy flow.

    • Vinyasa Yoga Classes

      Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa Yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Vinyasa movements flow smoothly and are almost dance-like, which explains why it is sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow. These classes are adaptable for all Yogi Levels.

      • Amenity

        Date & Tme

      • Unwind Slow Flow Yoga

        Friday, November 21: 5:30 pm

        Rate: $10 Per Person | 1-Hour, 15-Minute Class
        Come unwind on your mat at the end of your day. This class is a relaxing version of Vinyasa flow with emphasis on continuous movement and coordination of the breath.

      • Mid-Day Pick Me Up Yoga Flow

        Saturday, November 29:  12:00 pm & 2:00 pm

        Rate: $10 Per Person | 1-Hour Class
        Looking for an afternoon pick me up to help continue on with your day? Need a healthy jolt of energy before heading to lunch? This power hour consists of invigorating Vinyasa flows, power sequencing and a strong emphasis on the breath.

      • Vacationer's Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga

        Sunday, November 30:  7:30 am

        Rate: $10 Per Person | 1-Hour, 15-Minute Class
        Start your day off right by bringing energy to your body and mind. This class consists of sequencing poses through a moderate Vinyasa flow while focusing on the breath. All skill levels welcome.


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