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The Peak Pilsner: Nemacolin's Refreshing Brew

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For those who savor the finer aspects of luxury travel and hospitality experiences, Nemacolin stands as an epitome of refined elegance with magical stays for any getaway. Amidst this oasis of incredible opulence lies a curated gem that caters to the palates of a discerning brew crew:  The Peak Pilsner.

Crafted with Passion and Purpose

As the sun rises and sets over the Laurel Highlands, the flavors of The Peak Pilsner refresh. This masterful brew delivers a symphony of tastes. Upon first sip, the Czech Pilsner with 5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and 42 IBU (international bittering unit) that’s golden in color and radiantly clear, delivers a harmonious discord that dances across your palate, paving the way for a delicate interplay of sweet notes and toasted malt flavors, reminiscent of freshly baked biscuits. A libation that seamlessly marries bitter and sweet, The Peak Pilsner embodies an enjoyable overtone that mirrors the fun, whimsy, and variety of Nemacolin.

The journey of The Peak Pilsner’s creation is a tale of local partnership and a commitment to excellence. Nemacolin’s association with Laurel Highlands Brewing was born from a shared passion for craftsmanship and community. Located just minutes away from the resort, Laurel Highlands Brewing brings its idea of “common beers, uncommon flavor” to this curated brew. With collaboration, a fruitful partnership, and inspired by the then-upcoming pool at The Peak, the notion of a Pilsner took shape, and thus, The Peak Pilsner was born and brewed.

A Labor of Love and Attention

From brewing to packaging to delivery, every drop of The Peak Pilsner is a testament to Laurel Highlands Brewing’s dedication. Pilsners require a delicate touch and careful alchemy of time and attention, which is vividly reflected in the final product. The beer is refreshing and drinks easily, so sipping it poolside makes a lot of sense.

The allure of The Peak Pilsner extends beyond its exquisite taste. The label, a collaboration between Nemacolin associates and the skilled team at Laurel Highlands Brewing, artfully captures the beauty of the Laurel Highlands. A silhouette of the majestic mountains graces the label serving as a reflection of the landscape and views that surround The Peak and Nemacolin.

Embrace Sustainability

The Peak Pilsner is available on tap or in 16-ounce cans. Beyond the libation itself, Nemacolin offers an opportunity for guests and members to embrace sustainability without compromise. A reusable aluminum cup not only keeps your drink cooler but also becomes a cherished, take-home memento of your experience at The Peak. This cup is one of many testaments of Nemacolin’s commitment to creating meaningful memories while growing our impact on sustainable initiatives.

Come and Play

To reserve your stay and plan your getaway, please contact a Resort Reservations Specialist at 866.344.6957. If you wish to speak with a member of the Experience Team about having The Peak Pilsner waiting in your suite or cabana, or about adding specific dining, spa, or activity reservations to your itinerary, please contact us at 724.780.2156.

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