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Photolog — Dive & Drag: Pride 2022! at Nemacolin

Pride 2022

NOTE: The article below is a photolog of the 2022 event held at Nemacolin. 


It was lush.
It was lavish.
It was full of love.

Dive & Drag: Pride 2022! is a wrap. It was a night of fantasy, inclusion, love, fashion, and everything fabulous at this second annual event on Saturday, June 11, at The Peak at Nemacolin. Host Susanne Bartsch returned for the second year, and she was joined by queens, kings, artists, guests, members, and attendees who strutted their own sense of pride to be a part of this incredible event.

Proceeds from the first 100 general admission tickets were donated to the Persad Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, PA. Persad is dedicated to improving the well-being of the LGBTQ+ communities in the southwestern PA area.

Below is a photolog of the festivities as captured by photographer Alexey Kim of New York City.

pride image
Dive & Drag welcomed guests from the region proud to share their power, friendship, diversity, and love.
pride party
A peacock, a mermaid, a splash pad, and a setting sun set the scene for an imaginative night of fun.
pride 3
Framed by a colorful headpiece, the hot tubs and pools at The Peak played host to the wet and to the wild.
dj at pride
Returning to Nemacolin's Pride celebration for the second year, DJ Amber Valentine mixed the tunes while guests danced the night away.
pride 2022
Straight from New York City, performer Milk returned to Nemacolin to light up the evening.
pride 2022
Scarlet Fairweather and the legendary Susanne Bartsch toasted the night away with pop-up surprises and grounded celebrations of love.
tennis at pride
Game, set, match! Love was on-point, and these iconic fashions aced the competition.
dancing at pride
Jubilation was a thing as guests danced the night away.
pool at pride
Simply stunning: the fashions of John Mangru have all the looks and all the feels of pride.
fun at pride
Philanthropic elevation with Susanne Bartsch
donation pride 2022

Pictured are Persad CEO Marty Healey, Persad Manager of Community Outreach James Eidel, Persad Director of Communications & Development Christine Bryan, Nemacolin's Director of Marketing Jennifer El Khessassi, and Nemacolin's Conference Service Manager Lisa Pickersgill.

drag at pride
Pittsburgh drag artists watch the show and smile for the camera from the heated pool.
dancing at pride 2022
Neon Calypso slayed the stage.
pride flag

Unfurled from the stage, a giant flag beckoned the crowd to join in an inclusive and fierce walk under the pride rainbow.

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