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Photolog — Art Showcase Weekend

Reflections contemporary art gallery at Nemacolin

In mid-October, Nemacolin partnered with Creative Capital to bring an exclusive art and culture experience to the resort: the 2022 Art Showcase Weekend.

Guests, featured artists, and members were immersed into the art world through a curated and imaginative exhibit with Friday’s events at The Nemacolin Golf Academy. Creative Capital artist Janine Antoni curated three exhibits at the Golf Academy: Honey Baby, 2013; Touch, 2002; and a digital, interactive, and immersive golf exhibit.

Saturday’s private viewing, Fall Out of the Ordinary by Nemacolin Art and Gallery Director Amanda Shane, shared select pieces from the Hardy Family Art Collection. Some fun, some historical, some priceless, and some pieces more recently curated, the exhibition set the stage for an extraordinary dinner. Live musical events, artistic florals by Nemacolin’s own Atelier, delectable food artistry by the resorts banquets and pastry teams, and a keynote talk by a representative from the Carnegie Museum of Art — another partner — rounded out the showcase of performing and creative artists.

Creative Capital is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund artists in the creation of groundbreaking new work in the visual arts, performing arts, literature, film, technology, and multidisciplinary practices, including socially-engaged work in all forms. Nemacolin made a grant donation which will fund the groundbreaking new works of three artists of color.

The Nemacolin Times is delighted to present this accompanying photolog of the 2022 Art Showcase Weekend at Nemacolin.

guests attending Art Showcase Weekend

Among those in attendance at the Reflections reception were Jessie Haring, sketch artist and illustrator; Samantha Nagy, art instructor at Nemacolin; Artist in Residence Noah Emhurt; former Artist in Residence Dorit Brauer; Artist in Residence Michael Miller; former Artist in Residence Claire Hardy; and Amanda Shane, art and gallery director at Nemacolin.

Dorit Brauer, former artist in residence at Nemacolin, playing quartz crystal singing sound bowls at Reflections

Former Artist in Residence Dorit Brauer plays quartz crystal singing sound bowls as a part of the evening ambiance at Reflections.

Janine Antoni
Creative Capital Artist Janine Antoni curated the Friday evening exhibits at The Nemacolin Golf Academy: "Honey Baby, 2013"; "Touch, 2002"; and an immersive golf experience where digital and virtual landscapes intersected with real-world reality and illuminated golf balls.
guests attending Art Showcase Weekend
An event guest joins Director of Marketing Jennifer El Khessassi for a photo.
Nemacolin Art and Gallery Director Amanda Shane
Nemacolin Art and Gallery Director Amanda Shane spearheaded a successful and art-immersive weekend.
Janine Antoni and Christine Kuan
Artist Janine Antoni with Creative Capital President & Executive Director Christine Kuan
illuminated golf balls at The Nemacolin Golf Academy

Illuminated and glowing, specialized golf balls were used to blend reality with the virtual imagery in Antoni's exhibit at the Golf Academy.

Michael LaBella instruction with an illuminated golf ball
Director of Golf Instruction Michael LaBella provides swing instruction with LED golf balls at the Golf Academy.
Artist Janine Antoni and guests
Janine Antoni looks on with a smile as guests take part in her exhibit, a partnership between Creative Capital and Nemacolin.
florals and tablescapes in Marquis Ballroom

Art was on full display during Saturday's exhibit and dinner in the Marquis Ballroom. The florals and tablescapes, artistically designed by Nemacolin's Atelier, were a part of the showcase and visual tapestry.

The Bleu Room Angel
"The Bleu Room Angel," circa 2022, on display for event guests. This 3D-printed piece of art can regularly be found on display in The Bleu Room.
Wooden Angel, circa 17th century
The "Wooden Angel," circa the 17th century, on display in the Marquis Ballroom. This piece of art is most often on display in The Tea Room.
The Bleu Room Chairs
Textiles were a part of the experiential display. The regal blue chairs and pillows were designed by Queens Design Team and famed fashion designer Jackson Wiederhoeft, both of New York City, and can be found in use in The Bleu Room.
Versace Vanitas Chairs, Hardy Family Art Collection
The "Versace Vanitas Chairs" were designed in 1994, by Giovanni Maria "Gianni" Versace and acquired for the Hardy Family Art Collection from the designer's home shortly before Gianni's untimely death in 1997. The chairs are typically displayed on The Chateau Club Floor at Nemacolin.
Rachel Delphia and The Bleu Room Chairs

Rachel Delphia, guest speaker at the Arts Showcase Weekend, viewing the exhibit description of The Bleu Room Chairs. Ms. Delphia is the Alan G. and Jane A. Lehman curator of decorative arts and design at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.

Rachel Delphia & Amanda Shane

Rachel Delphia talking with Art and Gallery Director Amanda Shane next to Jules Cheret's "Benzo Moteur" lithograph.

"Lamp Head Mannequins," Hardy Family Art Collection

"Lamp Head Mannequins," designed by Sacha Lancia for MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd., graced the entry to the Marquis Ballroom and welcomed guests to Saturday evening's festivities.

photo of soup with tablescape
Art comes in many forms, even in divine fare. The culinary team at Nemacolin delivered bold flavors and fresh colors, and the Roasted Red Pepper & Fennel Soup with rosemary oil was a star on the evening's menu.
plated dinner at Art Showcase Weekend
The plated artistry of dinner complemented the floral artistry of the tablescape.
guests mingling at Art Showcase Weekend

Guests mingling and enjoying conversation at the Marquis Ballroom exhibit.

Rachel Delphia and Tiffany lamp of the Hardy Family Art Collection

Alan G. and Jane A. Lehman Curator of Decorative Arts and Design Rachel Delphia of the Carnegie Museum of Art was a keynote speaker who shared her thoughts about the extraordinary artistry found in everyday life with a focus on Tiffany glass. Displayed beside her is the dragonfly-patterned Tiffany lamp from the Hardy Family Art Collection.

Juan Jaramillo Duo

The beautiful sounds of music were also on display with the Juan Jaramillo Duo performing during the dinner hour at the showcase event.

The Art Showcase Weekend was one of many happenings at the resort and in the surrounding community in which Nemacolin has been a proud supporter of artists and their creative works. The resort’s Hardy Family Art Collection contains more than 1000 pieces of art, with more than 95% of the collection on display at the resort for guests, members, and associates to enjoy.

For more information on the Hardy Family Art Collection, Artist in Residence program, art partnerships, or art tours and classes available at Nemacolin, please contact art.department@nemacolin.com or connect by telephone at 724.329.6316. A list of upcoming events at Nemacolin can be found on the What’s Happening page of the resort’s website.

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