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Swing into Spring with Mike LaBella & Erika Larkin

Level up your game with a one-day golf school featuring full-swing analysis with Swing Catalyst and Trackman Technology; instruction on chipping, pitching, putting, driver; and how to practice effectively. This school also includes 9-hole course management with the coaches.

Mike LaBella is one of Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America, 2023: Mike states “Let’s swing YOUR swing, there is no time for wasted movement — let’s be efficient.” Through proper assessments, and understanding how to use the ground, Mike can help you develop a swing that is specific to you, more efficient, and yields more consistency in strike, ball flight, and clubhead speed.

Erika Larkin, is also one of Golf Digest's Best Teachers in America, 2023: Erika is one of Golf Digest's teaching staff as a regular contributor. She states that your “true swing” is already in you! She will teach you how to use the simple laws of physics to create an efficient motion without tension, manipulation, or mechanical thoughts. Bridging old school with new school ideas, Erika will show you how to let momentum do the work.
  • Thursday, May 9, 2024

    • Training & coaching apps — walk away with your lesson notes and fitness information
    • Breakfast

  • $1199 per person (tax included)

  • Members receive $350 discount

  • Featuring instruction from Mike LaBella and Erika Larkin

  • $350 deposit required

  • Cancellation Policy: If notice is given at least 21 days or more prior to the first day of the school we will refund your deposit less a $50 service fee. 20 days – 15 days notice we will transfer your deposit to another school. 14 days or less will result in a 100% loss of your fee.

  • Available to overnight guests and members