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The Nemacolin Airfield will be closed until April 15, 2015, as well as May 15 to 29, due to updates. For more information, please contact Nemacolin Security at 724.329.6121.

Whether you're here for business or pleasure, you may enjoy the convenience of flying directly in to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort via our private airfield.

Located in Farmington, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, our private airfield is of restricted usage, subject to prior approval and reservations made with the Security Department of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Nemacolin's airfield is located 62 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lat: 39.48' 40.76"
Lon: -79.32' 36.14", Altitude 2007' MSL.

Directions to the Nemacolin private airstrip from:
Morgantown (WV) VORTAC 21 DME on the 050° radial
Grantsville (MD) VORTAC 25 DME on the 300° radial
Allegheny (PA) VORTAC 36 DME on the 150° radial
The airfield code is P A 8 8. A displaced threshold of 750' exists on runway #23.

An estimate of current weather conditions may be obtained by using the worst of Johnstown (JST) or Morgantown (MGW). Ceiling and visibility as reported on the latest sequence. Radar services to the airfield are provided by Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center on 124.4 or 128.40 MHz. Safe recommended VFR Altitude within 20 NM of the airfield is 3800' MSL.Facilities consist of a hard surface runway (5/23) 3900' x 50', MIRLS, precision approach path lighting system (PAPI). Key microphone 5 times rapidly on 123.0. There are no refueling, repair, or CFR services on site.


  • We currently do not allow night-time operations and are restricted to day time operations only at this time. Please contact Nemacolin Woodlands Security at 724.329.6121 for the latest updates on landing and take-off after dark.
  • Identify yourself by contacting Nemacolin Unicom on 123.0 MHz five minutes prior to landing and prior to departure so that Security may check the runway.
  • Ample parking is available.
  • Please do not walk across the runway.
  • Transportation for guests and luggage are provided to and from the hotel.
  • Please lock your aircraft and use chocks prior to leaving the runway.

For Weather or Flight Plans: Altoona Flight Service - 1.800.992.7433.

For Airfield Reservations or more information, please contact the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Security Department at 800.422.2736 or 724.329.6121, or by email at security@nemacolin.com.

We encourage at minimum 48 hours lead time on reservations and to call 24 hours prior to your reserved arrival time for latest updates or changes.


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