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Squawk & Gawk Hour

Fri - Sat | -

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Chateau Lobby

Over 100 Wildlife Academy animal species call Nemacolin Woodlands Resort home! A Nemacolin Amenity Exclusive, meet our furry and even scaly family members as our experienced Zookeepers showcase some of our Wild Kingdom friends. Our Zookeepers will be on hand to provide an educational and entertaining experience, as you learn about our featured animal’s habitat, diet and native home.

Featured animals who may make a grand appearance on any given day: Capuchin Monkey, Moluccan Cockatoo, Fennec Fox, Alligator, Snake, Tegu and Tortoise.

For more information, please contact a Resort Reservations Specialist at 866.344.6957.

Fridays & Saturdays
4:00 pm - 5:00 pmSquawk and Gawk Hour - Chateau Lobby

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On Property

Nemacolin Gallery Artist Exhibit

Daily | -

Nemacolin Gallery

The Nemacolin Gallery, located in the Chateau Lafayette, features select artists from across the nation to showcase their work. View the current exhibition through September 2017. For more information or to purchase artwork from the Nemacolin Gallery, please contact the Melanie Werner, Art Curator, at


Peggi Habets

Pittsburgh, PA | Watercolor Painting
I paint inspiring people and everyday life - individuals who have stories to tell, struggles to overcome, or a passion to share. In the Nemacolin Gallery series of paintings and drawings of dancers and cityscapes, I explore the mood and emotion of my subjects by incorporating abstract elements, gesture, and a variation of color, values, and edges. Instead of realistically depicting every detail, these paintings blend realism with ethereal shapes and forms, preserving enough ambiguity to allow the viewer to experience the painting in their own personal way. Even in these dance paintings, I am drawn to the hard work and dedication of the dancers, as opposed to the more traditional, posed “beautiful dancer” paintings.

My paintings are constantly evolving with the challenge to say more with less - minimal brushstrokes, fluid washes, and pure pigment are essential to that evolution. My intent has never been to create a painting that looks like a photograph. Instead, my primary goal and greatest reward is creating a painting that connects with the viewer emotionally, rationally or inexplicably.

A popular watercolor instructor, Peggi teaches watercolor workshops and painting retreats around the country. See details on her November Watercolor Master Class at Nemacolin, Here.

Christy Branson

Spokane, WA | Encaustic Art
As far as I remember, my fingers had been wrapped around a crayon, pencil or some sort of artistic medium. My mother encouraged me to ‘make the world a more beautiful place’ and becoming an artist just happened. While studying at Boise State, my painting professor said, “Christy, you need to find out what your thing is.” Early on in my artistic career, I had no idea what that thing was. I did know, however, that I needed to paint ‘large.’ Scale was, and still is, important to me. The bigger the better.

In 2013, while watching an encaustic artist melting chunks of wax with a strange tree resin, I rather serendipitously discovered and began a fascination with encaustic art. Exploring this ancient art form, medium and its methods changed my artistic direction. I voraciously learned about and practiced the process. Setting up an encaustic studio quickly followed.

Today, I continue expanding the process and ‘making it my own’ by incorporating original techniques and my own ideas. Possibilities enter my brain faster than I can paint. My craft has never felt more right and I’m blessed to have found my artistic ‘thing.’

James Kennedy

New York City, NY | Mixed Media on Incised Masonite
Born in Northern Ireland, artist James Kennedy creates interdisciplinary work, bringing architectural ideas to canvas in a unique way. His projects are built up as layers of paint on incised Masonite and are often conceived as shallow reliefs. Kennedy’s work is disciplined and precise. Yet he allows the naturalness of his eucalyptus Masonite panels to play a role in the outcome of his work. His fascination with music, mathematics, dance, pattern and architecture, together create an artistic, spatial equation.

The processes involved in creating forms and compositions are guided by intuitive compositional strategies played out as hyper-drawings. Perfectly straight lines are scored (incised) into the Masonite. These lines serve as edges that redefine the painted forms; creating architectural scaffolding and providing directional energy. Precise vector dots of black gouache are randomly placed, acrylic and varnish are added at the end. The paintings emerge not from a preconceived sketch, but from an evolving negotiation of so many "spatial permissions" prompted by initial graphic moves. Pattern is important to his work, as is craft and the character of line work: incised, dashed, and floating paint. There’s a repetition of like elements; iterations of shape, and scaling of projected objects. Kennedy has recently started to develop model-sculptures as analogues to his paintings.


For more information or to purchase artwork from the Nemacolin Gallery, please contact the Melanie Werner, Art Curator, at

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