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The Nemacolin Field Club Fall Challenge

Shooters are welcome to join us for The Field Club Fall Challenge! This event is an NSCA-registered event allowing shooters to shoot up to 300 registered targets including a 100-bird main event, a 50-bird 5 stand, as well as three 50-bird subgauge events. We will open the doors at 8am, and shooters will be able to start on the course at 9am. No squad minimums! Trappers will be on every station!
  • Sunday, November 19, 2023

  • 9am-4pm; doors open at 8am

  • Held at The Nemacolin Field Club

  • Main Event – 100 Birds: $100

    5 Stand Event – 50 Birds: $50

    20 Gauge Event – 50 Birds: $40

    28 Gauge Event – 50 Birds: $40

    .410 Bore Event – 50 Birds: $40

  • This is an NSCA-registered event. Shooters must be an NSCA member to participate. Shooters are welcome to become an NSCA member the morning of the shoot

  • Lunch available from 11am-4pm

  • Bar available after the shooting event

  • Prices vary by event type

  • Advanced registration required

  • Open to the public