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Introducing AURA... Nemacolin's Exclusive Make-Up Line

"Every person has their own unique characteristics that they carry with them… it is their glow, their presence, their AURA."

Welcome to the world of minerals …where makeup delivers flawless coverage and acts as skincare. Rediscover the beauty of your skin with this collection of 100% pure minerals. Made from the finest ingredients our ready to wear line gives your face the feeling of freedom. Unlike other makeups, you won’t find parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances. With so many colors to choose from in foundation, shadow, blush and lipstick you can create a variety of looks for every occasion! Whether it’s a party, an evening out or your wedding day, our artists will create a look that makes you special in every way.

Our Spa boutique carries specialized pallets designed specifically for your skin tone (warm, cool, or neutral) and if those don’t appeal to you, our make-up artists can help you create your own.  Contact the Woodlands Spa at 724.329.6772 to schedule a private consultation.

  • Minerals On The Mix
    Minerals On The Mix
    Minerals On The Mix

    Each Starter Kit contains:

    • Eyeshadow Primer
    • Mineral Blush
    • Mineral Eyeshadow
    • Loose Mineral Powder
    • Smooth Creamy Lipstick
    • Sensational Eyes – Eye Primer
    • Kabuki Brush
    • Shadow Brush
  • Color Palette
    Color Palette
    Color Palette

    The Color Palette contains:

    • Three Shades of Eye Shadow
    • Blush
    • Daylight Highlighter

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