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Nemacolin Woodlands Golf Academy Installs New Golf Technology


March 17, 2011

TrackMan™ Performance Studio To Open In April

Farmington, PA (March 11, 2011) – On April 1, Nemacolin Woodlands Golf Academy will offer its students access to the ball flight monitor TrackMan™.  As seen on The Golf Channel and ABC/ESPN, this revolutionary technology is the most accurate means to analyze a golfer’s swing and ball flight through the entire duration of the shot.    

Dennis Clark, Director of Golf and PGA Master Professional will be using the TrackMan™ system in his training programs.  TrackMan™ will be instrumental in helping students refine their distance control. “ In all my 30 years of teaching, I have never seen anything as accurate as TrackMan™ in diagnosing, not just ball flight but what caused the ball flight, as well” said Clark, two-time Teacher of the Year recipient.  “Rarely do golfers know the precise distance they can hit each club.  TrackMan™ can provide them with this meaningful data, and also let the golfer know how accurately they hit each club.”  TrackMan will provide real-time feedback on the swing and the resulting ball flight to the instructor and student, making lessons even more effective.  Additionally, there are several TrackMan™ teaching applications that enable Nemacolin Woodlands PGA professionals to monitor the progress of their students over time.  

Headquartered in Vedbæk, Denmark, ISG A/S is the developer and owner of the TrackMan™ system.  TrackMan™ is an easy to use radar-based solution for analyzing the golf swing and the resulting ball flight.  The choice of the PGA TOUR, USGA, and R&A, it provides the industry’s most accurate real-time data and graphics on club movement and ball launch. You can learn more about the TrackMan™ system at www.trackmangolf.com.  To schedule a lesson and for more detailed information about Nemacolin Woodlands Golf Academy, please call 724-329-6470 or visit nemacolin.com.



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