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Press Room- Current Press Releases: Nemacolin Woodlands Presents A Taste Of Nemacolin  


Farmington, PA (January 20, 2009) –  Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has created a new weekend event offering guests an unforgettable gourmet experience. A Taste Of Nemacolin will be held Feb 20 – Feb 22 at the luxury resort located southeast of Pittsburgh.
“Although we have hosted different food and beverage weekends in the past, the “Taste Of Nemacolin” event encompasses a wider variety of experiences that appeal to both the true gourmet as well as those individuals simply interested in a unique weekend adventure” says Jeremy Critchfield, resort Director of Food and Beverage. “
Friday’s offerings begin with a traditional Wine Tasting followed by a Cab Shootout where guests will have the opportunity to experience a glass to glass comparison of some of America's most coveted Cabernet Sauvignon, concentrating in the diversity of California Wine Country with a focus on the Napa Valley. The evening concludes with Cognac Tasting, Cigar Rolling and the resort’s signature Art of Sabrage demonstration.
Saturday morning begins with a Sous-Vide cooking class instructed by Dave Racicot, Chef de Cuisine of Nemacolin’s Five Diamond restaurant, Lautrec. Sous-Vide is French for under vacuum and is a method of cooking that is intended to maintain the integrity of ingredients by heating them for an extended period of time at relatively low temperatures.Sous-videcooking uses airtight plastic bags placed in hot water well below boiling point.  Guests will also have the alternative of attending a Charcuterie Class. Charcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork. An Italian Food and Wine Luncheon as well as a Coffee Cupping and Chocolate Tasting and Reserve French Wine Tasting round out the afternoon’s activities. Saturday evening’s meal features the renowned Lautrec Grand Tasting Menu and the weekend’s activities conclude with Nemacolin’s traditional Sunday Brunch.

All Inclusive Packages are available for the Taste Of Nemacolin and each session is offered a la carte as well. For more information on this unique event or to reserve your space, visit nemacolin.com or call Nemacolin Woodlands Resort at 866.399.6957.


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